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My G-Shock service is temporarily out of stock after one day, orders to resume soon

My G-Shock Out of Stock

While the My G-Shock custom watch service is only available in Japan, it is a major development that many people are closely following, with many fans hoping it is expanded to other countries. Some fans outside of Japan may also be using proxy shipping services to place an order. The service is clearly a big hit in Japan, as it sold out all of its face parts in a little over a day.

Casio has acknowledged the situation on Twitter, saying that they received more orders for the first batch than they expected and that they are planning to resume orders every Wednesday. Hopefully, its overwhelming success in Japan will convince Casio to offer the service in other countries, as there is undoubtedly a demand for it around the world. Previous reports implied that the service is planning to be launched in other countries following Japan. When that happens, it is highly advisable to place an order immediately.

My G-Shock (Japan) Custom Watch Service: www.casio.com/jp/watches/mygshock

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