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Trending: DW5600SL-1 and DW5600SL-7 Slash Pattern

DW5600SL-1 and DW5600SL-7
Currently trending are two models from the stylish “Slash Pattern” summer release (also known as the Canvas & Concrete Pack), the DW5600SL-1 (black) and DW5600SL-7 (bright white). The DW5600SL models have a thin 5600 case, reverse display, and a minimalist face design that is almost all black except for the Casio logo and button functions. The case and bands have a unique slash design, giving the watch an edgy and worn look. The other watches in the Slash Pattern collection are the large analog hybrid GA110SL models in electric aqua, bright red, and slate gray. List price is $120 for the DW5600SL and $170 for the GA110SL.

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