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Wider release for porcelain-inspired G-Shock series expected

G-Shock Blue White Porcelain Series

The G-Shock Blue and White Porcelain Series that was recently released in China is now expected to get a wider release soon. G-Shock’s international Facebook account posted an image of the DW-5600BWP-2 and mentioned that “Blue & White models” are coming, suggesting that more than one model from the series (and possibly all four) will be released outside of China.

The mixed molding process of the blue and white bezels and bands results in each watch being completely unique (as seen in the images of the DW-5600BWP-2 above and below). Each model also includes a stainless steel band keeper.

Update: Another Facebook post featuring an image of the GA-2100BWP-2A followed. All four models are expected to be released in Asia and Europe. Japan is getting the DW-5600BWP-2JR and GA-2100BWP-2AJR.

For more images and info, visit: Blue and White Porcelain G-Shock Series inspired by traditional Chinese ceramics


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