All-New G-Shock Watches Coming in 2020: More Metal

Several all-new G-Shock models have been confirmed by certain retailer listings and Google search results. The following G-Shock series are expected to make their debut sometime in 2020.

G-Shock GA-900: This analog-digital model is rumored to have a 7-year battery. It’s not known if the design will be more like the mid-size GA-800 with three hands or the large GA-700. (Update: Looks like a mid-size Carbon Core Guard model.) Previous to this model, the GA-700 had the longest battery life (5 years) for a non-solar G-Shock with an analog display. That model has two analog hands, so we’re guessing this will be a two-handed design as well.

Marek Morgiel (@morgan_bmw) posted a leaked promo photo of the GA-900 series on Instagram. It appears to be a mid-size Carbon Core Guard model with two analog hands, digital LCD subdisplay, and a front light button.

G-Shock GM-110: Google search results revealed some web pages for these models at, but those pages are not active and will redirect to other pages. This is expected to be a metal version of the bestselling analog-digital GA-110. According to Google, the Dutch G-Shock site was showing the price of the GM-110SCM-1AER as 230 EUR. Google search also revealed a GM-110-1AER and a GM-110RB-2AER.

G-Shock GM-S5600: We expect this to be an S Series model with a stainless steel bezel, basically a smaller version of the GM-5600. Models include the GM-S5600-1, GM-S5600G-7, GM-S5600PG-1, and GM-S5600PG-4. Based on the model names, it sounds like the GM-S5600-1 will have a silver bezel with a black band, the GM-S5600G-7 a gold IP bezel with a white band, and the GM-S5600PG-1 and GM-S5600PG-4 a rose gold (or “pink gold”) IP bezel with a black and red or pink band, respectively. A French retail site shows prices of 190.80 EUR for the GM-S5600-1ER and 214.80 EUR for the other three models with ion plating, and those prices seem to unofficially confirm that these models have a stainless steel bezel.

Also, as usual, there will be other G-Shock releases that are new color variants of existing models. Several new full metal GMW-B5000 models are expected.

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