Casio to release the TRN-50 in 2024 for the 50th Anniversary of its first wristwatch the Casiotron QW02

Casio TRN-50 Case Back

Without the Casiotron QW02, Casio’s first wristwatch launched in 1974, there would be no G-Shock and the world of digital and quartz watches would be a lot different. Fan site Zona Casio has reported that Casio will be releasing the Casio TRN-50 in late February 2024 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the QW02. The watch will reportedly have a price of about 500 euros and be limited to 4,000 units.

The made-in-Japan TRN-50 is an homage modeled after the QW02 but with some modern functional upgrades added. The QW02 was the first watch in the world to have an automatic calendar for its date display. According to Zona Casio and images of the watch, the TRN-50 has a stainless steel screw-back case and stainless steel band. Some of the upgrades offered by the new module 3542 include Tough Solar power, Multi-Band 6 radio-controlled time adjustment, and Bluetooth smartphone link. The watch has four buttons and 50-meter water resistance. The display is mineral glass, and the case back has a glass cover with the same triangle emblem (inspired by the original Casio headquarters) as the one engraved on the QW02 case back. The full specifications have yet to be revealed.

The TRN-50 is not the first “TRN” model, as Casio previously revived the Casiotron name and style in the 1990s with a variety of TRN models. Zona Casio has an interesting article about this (in Spanish).

Image via Zona Casio. For more images of the TRN-50, view the original article at

The original Casiotron QW02 from 1974:

Casiotron QW02


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