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Casio U.K. visits carbon fiber maker Toray Advanced Composites

G-Shock’s Carbon Core Guard era began in 2019 and continues on with series like the best-selling GA-2100 and the metal-infused G-STEEL GST-B400. CCG structures utilize carbon fiber reinforced cases and parts for lighter and stronger watches. Some CCG watches, like the upcoming GST-B400X-1A4 and GST-B400XD-1A2, also have carbon fiber bezels.

In Casio U.K.’s new video, host Warren, sporting a GST-B400 and a G-Shock safety vest, visits Toray Advanced Composites, which manufactures the Torayca carbon fiber material used in G-Shock watches. Technical support engineer John Jackson explains what carbon fiber is, and Warren explains how the carbon fiber reinforced cases and woven carbon fiber bezels are made. They also test the breaking strength of a carbon fiber sample to demonstrate how it is stronger than metal.

Some other recommended Carbon Core Guard series include the GA-2000, GA-2200, Mudmaster GG-B100, Gravitymaster GR-B200, Frogman GWF-A1000, and MTG-B2000.

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