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G-Shock 35th Anniversary Origin Gold (Screw-Back) Collection: DW-5035D-1B, DW-5735D-1B, GF-8235D-1B Frogman

G-Shock 35th Anniversary Origin Gold Collection

The G-Shock 35th Anniversary Origin Gold Collection has just been officially announced by Casio and as we suspected all three models have a screw-back case. This collection will likely be one of the highest in demand for the year as it is the closest representation of the origin of G-Shock. With its buttons, buckles, and stainless steel band keepers given a gold IP treatment to commemorate the anniversary, the DW-5035D-1B, DW-5735D-1B, and GF-8235D-1B Frogman pay tribute to the first G-Shock model, the first round-face model, and the second-generation Frogman diver’s watch. The DW-5035D-1BJR (list price ¥20,000 JPY), DW-5735D-1BJR (¥20,000 JPY), and GF-8235D-1BJR (¥48,000 JPY) will be released on April 13 2018 in Japan. Unlike the original photos leaked through Zona Casio, the DW-5735D and GF-8235D have gold-tinted LCD displays.

Update: The DW-5035D-1B, DW-5735D-1B, and GF-8235D-1B are also April 2018 releases in Asia. Casio America announced the DW5035D-1B, DW5735D-1B, and GF8235D-1B for May 2018 with a list price of $200 USD for the first two and $500 USD for the GF8235D-1B.

G-Shock DW-5035D-1B

The ​​DW-5035D-1B is based on the first G-Shock model ever released, the DW-5000C from 1983. (Reader Tak has pointed out that the color scheme resembles the DW-5000C-1B, which was one of the original 1983 models along with the DW-5000C-1A.) Like the original it has a screw-back stainless steel case and features the brick wall pattern surrounding the display. Also like the original it is battery-powered and has a standard LCD display. As with previous DW-5000 anniversary releases, the ​​DW-5035D features the Project Team “Tough” logo in tribute to G-Shock creator Kikuo Ibe and his team of Casio engineers. Like the GW-5035A-1 35th Anniversary watch from late 2017, demand for the ​​DW-5035D is expected to be extremely high as it is a must-have piece for serious collectors.

G-Shock DW-5035D-1B Origin Gold

DW-5035D-1BJR on Amazon DW-5035D-1B on eBay

G-Shock DW-5035D

G-Shock DW-5735D-1B

The DW-5735D is part of this year’s DW-5700 revival. The new DW-5700 series is based on the DW-5400 and DW-5700 from the mid-1980s which were the first round-face G-Shock watches. Zona Casio speculated that this model could be a screw-back case like the original DW-5700 and that turns out to be correct. So this model is different than the standard DW-5750 releases of this year. The DW-5725B-7 Rising White model from the 25th Anniversary was also a screw-back, so this is not unprecedented but it is a nice surprise with a model we were not anticipating this year.

G-Shock DW-5735D-1B Origin Gold

DW5735D-1B on Amazon DW-5735D-1B on eBay

G-Shock DW-5735D

G-Shock Frogman GF-8235D-1B

The base model (GF-8250) of the Frogman GF-8235D-1B is inspired by the exterior design of the second-generation Frogman DW-8200 from 1995. Like all Frogman models it has a screw-back stainless steel case and is an ISO Diver’s 200M watch. Unlike the early Frogman watches this one has Tough Solar power and a tide and moon graph. Zona Casio reports that this model has a DLC coating on the bezel and the rest of the case may be coated as well (no official confirmation on this yet but it does appear that the bezel has a DLC coating).

G-Shock GF-8235D-1B Origin Gold

GF-8235D-1B on Amazon GF-8235D-1B on eBay

G-Shock Frogman GF-8235D-1B
Photos via news.mynavi.jp

G-Shock 35th Anniversary Origin Gold Collection Screw-Back Case DW-5035D-1B DW-5735D-1B GF-8235D-1B Frogman

Original Post:

Spanish-language fan blog Zona Casio recently revealed an upcoming G-Shock 35th Anniversary collection and was kind enough to share the photos with us. Casio is going full retro with this “D Series” which according to Zona Casio includes the GF-8235D-1B Frogman (left), ​​DW-5035D (center), and DW-5735D (right). These models have a gold theme with gold buttons and band keepers along with light gold lettering and display accents. (Update: The collection was on display at Baselworld 2018 and Japanese media referred to it as the “Origin Gold” collection.)

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