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G-Shock G-SQUAD GBD-200SM: Skeleton bezel and band parts with orange or purple inner case

G-Shock G-SQUAD GBD-200SM-1A5 and GBD-200SM-1A6: Skeleton Bezel with Orange or Purple Inner Case

The GBD-200SM-1A5 and GBD-200SM-1A6 are the first skeleton or translucent options for the G-SQUAD GBD-200 fitness series and the first releases after the three launch models from mid-2021 . These models take their inspiration from the orange and purple colors found on sportswear and sneakers. The GBD-200SM-1A5 has a light gray translucent bezel, an orange inner case, and a gray resin band. The GBD-200SM-1A6 has a dark gray translucent bezel, a purple inner case, and a black resin band.

An advanced fitness watch with a compact and classic-style square case, the GBD-200SM features a high-contrast MIP LCD display, shock resistance, 200-meter water resistance, step counter (with self-calibrating function), and Bluetooth smartphone link.

In Japan, the GBD-200SM-1A5JF and GBD-200SM-1A6JF are November 2021 releases with a tax-included price of 22,000 yen each. Both models are expected to get a wider release following Japan (US: GBD200SM-1A5 and GBD200SM-1A6, $150 each).

G-Shock GBD-200SM-1A5:

G-Shock GBD-200SM-1A5

GBD200SM-1A5 on Amazon GBD200SM-1A5 on eBay

G-Shock GBD-200SM-1A6:

G-Shock GBD-200SM-1A6

GBD200SM-1A6 on Amazon GBD200SM-1A6 on eBay

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