G-Shock GA-2100 Tutorial Video Guide by Casio

Casio released a tutorial video for the best-selling G-Shock GA-2100. The video illustrates how to adjust the settings and use the various functions in a simple and straightforward manner.

The watch settings include time, date, day, home city, daylight savings time on/off, 12/24 hour format, button tone on/off, and LED illumination duration (1.5 or 3 seconds). The LCD display shows either the date and seconds or the time and seconds. Other functions include the stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm (with 5 alarms and hourly time signal setting), and world time.

The split time and 1st and 2nd place time features of the stopwatch are omitted in the video. For split time, after starting the stopwatch with D, press A (top left button) for split, A again for split release, D to stop, and A to reset. To measure two finishes, after starting the stopwatch with D, press A for the first finish and then press D for the second finish. The first finish time will still be displayed. To display the second finish time, press A. Pressing A again will reset the stopwatch.

The full instruction manual and a quick reference guide for Module 5611 are available in PDF format at support.casio.com.

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