G-Shock GBD-100LM-1 and GBD-200LM-1 connected step tracking watches with night training style

G-Shock GBD-100LM-1 and GBD-200LM-1

G-Shock is adding two “Midnight City Run” models to its mid-range of G-SQUAD fitness watches, inspired by nighttime training in the city. These models with MIP LCD displays feature phosphorescent resin parts between the bezel and band and a printed band pattern that resembles skyscraper windows at night. The GBD-100LM-1 (left) and GBD-200LM-1 (right) share the same functions, with the GBD-200LM-1 being a bit more compact and 11 grams lighter. It also appears that parts of the bezel on the GBD-100LM-1 and front button on the GBD-200LM-1 may be light-reflecting. (Update: New photos from Casio indicate that the GBD-100LM-1 bezel ring and the GBD-200LM-1 buttons may also be phosphorescent.)

Both models are equipped with a step counter and Bluetooth smartphone link. Some of the fitness functions include auto lap measurement and auto pause, training log data (with up to 100 runs and including time, distance, pace, and calories burned), life log data with daily step count and monthly mileage, 5 interval timers (settable from 1-second to 60 minutes, with auto repeat), and automatic training plan creation. The distance measurement can be adjusted by a GPS-equipped smartphone connected to the G-Shock MOVE app. Other non-fitness features of interest include vibration alerts and Bluetooth functions such as automatic time adjustment, easy watch settings, auto summer time (DST) switching, around 300 cities for world time, and phone notifications. Each watch is shock-resistant and 200-meter water-resistant with a 100-hour stopwatch with split times, 4 alarms with snooze, and an auto LED backlight (with 1.5 or 3-second duration). The (CR2032) battery life is approximately 2 years.

The GBD-100LM-1JF and GBD-200LM-1JF have a tax-included price of 29,700 yen each in Japan, which is considerably higher than the basic color models like the GBD-100-1JF and GBD-200-1JF that are still available for 22,000 yen each. Details for other countries is forthcoming.

Update: G-Shock U.S. released the GBD200LM-1 for $200.

G-Shock GBD-100LM-1

G-Shock GBD-100LM-1

Dimensions: 58.2 x 49.3 x 17 mm
Weight: 69 grams
Specifications: GBD-100

G-Shock GBD-100LM-1 Photo

GBD-100LM-1 Band

G-Shock GBD-200LM-1

G-Shock GBD-200LM-1

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Dimensions: 48.4 x 45.9 x 15 mm
Weight: 58 grams
Specifications: GBD-200

G-Shock GBD-200LM-1 Photo

GBD-200LM-1 Band

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