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The G-Shock GBD-100 is an advanced fitness model featuring a step counter and Bluetooth mobile link. The training log data records up to 100 runs with up to 140 lap records per
run (measuring time, distance, pace, and calories burned). Target alert times for time and calories burned can be set to meet fitness goals. The G-Shock Move smartphone app can create custom training plans. Other unique features include vibration and phone notifications.


Bluetooth Step Counter Vibration


List Price: $150 (GBD100-1)
Size: Medium
Dimensions (L x W x H): 58.2 × 49.3 × 17 mm
Weight: 69 grams
Module: 3481 (instruction manual at casio.com)
Battery Type (Lifespan): CR2032 (approx. 2 years)
Series Launch Year: 2020

Notable Features: Step Counter, Bluetooth, MIP LCD, Stopwatch, Interval Timer, Life Log Data, Vibration, Auto LED Light

See full specifications for GBD100-1 under “Additional information” tab above.

Suggested Uses: Fitness, Outdoors, Sports

GBD100 on Amazon GBD100 on eBay GBD100-1 at Casio
(Affiliate Links: We may earn a commission at Amazon, eBay, and Reeds Jewelers.)

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GBD100 on Amazon GBD100 on eBay GBD100-1 at Casio
(Affiliate Links: We may earn a commission at Amazon, eBay, and Reeds Jewelers.)

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Specification: G-SHOCK GBD-100


Dimensions (L x W x H mm)

58.2 x 49.3 x 17

Weight (g)




Case Material

Bezel Material


Band Material



LCD Display Type



Battery Life (Approx.)

Power Saving

Power Save




Smartphone App

Bluetooth Functions

Auto Time Correction, Data Update (Time Zone and DST rules), Phone Finder, Phone Notifications, Training Function, Training Log Data Management, Training Plan Creation, World Time (approx. 300 cities)

Training Function

Auto Pause, Auto/Manual Lap, Distance, Speed, Pace, Target Alert (time, calories burned), Training Display Customization

World Time

World Time Zones


World Time Cities

38 + UTC

Daylight Saving Time



Stopwatch Unit

Stopwatch Max Range

Measuring Modes

elapsed time, split time

Countdown Timer

, , ,

Countdown Timer Unit

1 second

Countdown Range

Countdown Setting Range

Countdown Setting Increment (Lowest)

1 second


Light Type

, , ,

Light Color



Full Auto Calendar to 2099

Button Tone On/Off

Button Tone On/Off

12/24-Hour Format

12/24-Hour Format

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