G-Shock GM-110VG-1A9PFS includes ‘Time Warrior’ mecha figure case by Sun Shiqian

G-Shock GM-110VG-1A9PFS Mecha Figure Case Display

According to official Casio China websites, the G-Shock GM-110VG-1A9PFS includes an exclusive “Time Warrior” mecha figure case by Sun Shiqian, who is regarded as the “Godfather of Chinese mecha.” This promotion applies to the gold GM-110VG model only and not the black GM-110VB model. The GM-110VG-1A9PFS has a price of 1,990 yuan. Like the GM-110, the mecha has a steampunk-inspired design. The watch can be placed inside the cockpit area of the mecha figure (like a case) and the windshield section can be moved to show the watch (like a display stand). The watch features a stainless steel bezel with an aged gold ion plated treatment, which gives it a vintage look.

The GM-110VG-1A9 and GM-110VB-1A were also released in Japan in July 2023 but have not been released in other countries. (Update: Both models were announced for an August release in the Asia and Middle East regions.)

G-Shock GM-110VG-1A9PFS Mecha Case

G-Shock GM-110VG-1A9PFS Mecha Case Side

G-Shock GM-110VG-1A9PFS includes 'Time Warrior' mecha figure case by Sun Shiqian

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