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G-Shock GMA-S110CW Cool White Collection S Series

G-Shock Cool White  S Series Watches GMA-S110CW-7A1 GMA-S110CW-7A2 GMA-S110CW-7A3
The G-Shock GMA S Series for women is getting a lot of love on the new release front lately. Recently we’ve seen the Pink Series and the Heathered Series and now we have three GMA-S110CW Cool White Collection watches featuring a white body and a black face with colored inserts. Models include the GMA-S110CW-7A1 (silver insert), GMA-S110CW-7A2 (copper insert), and GMA-S110CW-7A3 (cobalt blue insert). It’s nice to see these relatively conservative options for women as the S Series colors tend to be very showy. These watches will appeal to those who want a simple white S Series model. Also of interest may be the new white GMA-S110HT-7A Heathered S Series and the white GMA-S110F-7A if you don’t mind a black and gray printed floral pattern on the band.

G-Shock GMA-S110CW White S Series Watches for Women

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