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G-Shock GMA-S110HT Heathered S Series For Women

G-Shock Heathered S Series GMA-S110HT-4A GMA-S110HT-6A GMA-S110HT-7A GMA-S110HT-9A
Following the recent release of the GA-110HT full-size models is the G-Shock GMA-S110HT Heathered S Series for women. While the men’s release had a more conservative selection of black, blue, white, and gray, the women’s series gets more colorful choices including the GMA-S110HT-4A (orange), GMA-S110HT-6A (purple), GMA-S110HT-7A (white), and GMA-S110HT-9A (yellow). The Heathered Series is known for having a textured look that resembles fabric, and the colors on these models extends to the watch face. These smaller women’s models measuring 49 X 45.9 X 15.8 mm make a great “his ‘n’ hers” combo with the larger models and they also make a good match with the original GD-X6900HT Heathered Series.

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G-Shock GMA-S110HT Heathered S Series for Women
Photos via G-Shock Asia

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