You can still buy the G-Shock GSWH1000-1 smartwatch at an authorized (U.S.) retailer but with a major caveat

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Originally released in 2021, the G-Shock GSW-H1000 smartwatch with Wear OS just sort of quietly went away and has been sold out and unavailable for a while, but we just spotted the GSWH1000-1 available in the U.S. at for $699. This is possibly the last chance to buy it from an authorized retailer (and according to ShopHQ it is “Almost Gone”), but there is a major caveat. This is an “As Is” product, and ShopHQ states, “This item was either returned or used as an on-air sample worn by our hosts or models. It may not include or be shipped in its original packaging. It may also have minor scuffs or markings and its battery (if applicable) may not work, so we have significantly reduced its price to reflect this ‘as is’ condition. It is considered final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.

It sounds like a risky purchase, and it’s disappointing that the watch is not offered at a discount. There’s probably a good chance that the battery isn’t in terrible shape, but if it is, you can’t return it and will have to inquire with Casio about replacing the battery, and we don’t know how the “As Is” status affects the warranty status, or if Casio will even perform repairs or maintenance on it now, as it appears to be discontinued.

The GSWH1000-1 had some impressive features like full G-Shock-level shock resistance, dual layer display with a color touchscreen and a monochrome timekeeping display, 200-meter water resistance, optical heart rate monitor, and microphone, but people were critical of its high price compared to competitors and the lack of a cutting edge CPU. According to G-Shock Japan, the GSW-H1000 series is in “production completed” (i.e. discontinued) status. It’s not known if or when there will be a successor to it.


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