G-Shock Japan site redirected, historical search still available

Update: The old G-Shock.jp site and historical search function are still up and active, but not from the base URL. It’s not certain if it will remain up or if it will be taken down at some point. Link is at end of article.

In an effort to step up its digital marketing efforts and provide a more personalized and user-friendly experience, G-Shock Japan revamped and moved its website to gshock.casio.com/jp. The change brings all of Casio’s brands and products under one domain and hub for Japan (www.casio.com/jp).

One previous feature that is now absent is the historical search function for past G-Shock models. Of course, there is still a search function, but there is no option to search for discontinued (end of production) models like before. This is very unfortunate for the dedicated G-Shock fans, as the historical search was one of the best resources available and provided full information, images, and specifications for the entire G-Shock catalog (excluding some limited edition and collaboration models), going back to the first G-Shock watches in 1983. This also means that there will no longer be an official source for information on whether certain models have ended production (which is sometimes the case months after a watch is released), though we can assume models that are no longer listed have been discontinued. (On a related note, we also recently noticed that the official Casio Japan online shop no longer lists the country where new models are manufactured.)

Fortunately, some of the older G-Shock fan sites that provide information on past models are still up. These include G-Peopleland, 50 Gs, My G-Shock, and Watch Shock. Another useful site with a searchable archive of past models is ShockBase, and unlike the previous sites, it is still being maintained and updated regularly. It serves as an excellent replacement for the lost official archive, and it has unique features and is searchable in ways that the official site wasn’t. Another good resource for older models is the G-Shock Perfect Bible printed series, which is now usually released before anniversary celebration years, but all the writing is in Japanese. The “G-Shock WatchNavi Special Edition 2015 Ver. 1,” a rare promotional item which is essentially the Perfect Bible archive translated into English, is highly recommended and sometimes available on eBay. (G-Shock Europe has a timeline of 19 historically significant models, but it does not provide detailed information on them.)

Update: We discovered that the old G-Shock.jp website and search function are still active and working, but not from the homepage. Visit g-shock.jp/products/finder. Also, another alternative to search for information on old models is the website of Hong Kong distributor Javy’s, though it may not include all the watches and information from the Japan database.


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