Hidden Feature of DW-6900SP-7 and Clear Skeleton Models

Japanese YouTuber Z Sparrow Jp has published a lot of videos featuring recent G-Shock models that are worth watching. English subtitles are available in the settings, if you watch the videos at YouTube. Some of the videos, like the one featured here, do not have dialogue.

A video of the G-Shock DW-6900SP-7, a limited edition for the 25th anniversary of the DW-6900, reveals a hidden feature of clear skeleton models. (Skeleton models are also described as jelly, translucent, and semi-transparent.) When placed near a colored light source, the translucent properties of the clear case and band allow it to take on the color of the light. When the light changes color, the watch appears to change color. The effect is similar to an aquarium display of jellyfish with changing lights. Now, this effect might not be so pronounced if the light source is far away, so maybe don’t go expecting your G-Shock to look exactly like this at a club or concert, but it is an interesting look that we haven’t seen demonstrated like this before.

Other recent clear jelly releases are the Pink Gold x Transparent series for women and the Clear Skeleton Series from 2019.

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