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Johnny Strong wears a G-Shock Mudmaster in “Warhorse One”

Actor Johnny Strong recently posted a photo on Instagram showing two G-Shock watches. The first is a watch that Strong purchased in 2001 to wear as part of his costume in the film “Black Hawk Down.” The second is a G-Shock Mudmaster GG-1000-1A5 that he wears in the upcoming action film “Warhorse One.” Strong plays Navy SEAL Master Chief Richard Mirko, who is on a rescue mission to evacuate a group of missionaries in Afghanistan. The film is written and directed by Strong and William Kaufman, who also directed Strong in “Sinners and Saints” and “Daylight’s End.” “Warhorse One” is currently in post-production and is expected to be released sometime in 2022.

(The original Instagram post can’t be embedded. Click here to view it on Instagram.)

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