The Most Expensive G-Shock Watch: MR-G Baselworld Limited Edition

(The most expensive non-limited G-Shock model is the MRG-G2000 and MRG-G1000 series.)

MRGG1000RT-1A Most Expensive G-Shock


Each year at Baselworld, Casio unveils a new limited edition luxury G-Shock watch based on its top of the line MR-G model. It is produced in very limited quantities and usually sees an increase in price each year.

2018: The G-Shock MRG-G2000HA is limited to 350 units and has a list price of $7,400 USD.

2017: The G-Shock MRG-G2000HT-1A Baselworld 2017 Edition is limited to 500 units and will be released in September 2017 with a list price of $7,400 USD.

2016: The G-Shock MRG-G1000HT Hammer Tone 2016 release for the 20th anniversary of the MR-G line has a list price of $6,200. In late 2016 G-Shock also released the MRG-G1000HG-9A Gold Hammer Tone with a list price of $6,200.

2015: The MRG-G1000RT-1A is getting a U.S.A. release in September and according to Casio will be available at select jewelers, the G-Shock website, and the G-Shock Soho Store. The list price is $6,000 making it the most expensive official G-Shock watch ever released for sale. The Yamagata-produced watch is made with the Titanium 64 alloy which is seven times harder than pure titanium. For the most expensive standard edition G-Shock watches see the MRG-G1000 Series.

The MRG-G1000RT-1A is a Baselworld 2015 limited edition and its official American name is (get ready) The G-Shock MR-G GPS Atomic Solar Hybrid Basel Special Limited Edition MRGG1000RT-1A. Some of its unique features include gold accents on the face, gold front screws and crown, a “Japan Blu” DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating on the case and bands, and a recrystalized bezel that is made in the style of the “nie pattern” of Japanese swords. This rich finish is considered the pinnacle of Japanese craftmanship and is said to reflect a unique glow in the light. Standard features of the MRG-G1000 include GPS Hybrid Multi-Band 6 worldwide timekeeping, Tough Solar, anti-glare sapphire crystal, latitude indicator, world time, LED Super Illuminator, daily alarm, auto calendar, 1/20 second stopwatch (24 minutes), countdown timer (24 hour), and day/date display.

Reports out of Baselworld stated that the production run was limited to 100. One unit of the MRG-G1000RT-1A was available on the EVINE shopping network.



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