‘The Art of Making G-Shock Watches’ Video

Nikkei Asian Review visited G-Shock in its “How Japan Makes Hits” video series and provides a contemporary look at the innovative watch company. The video mainly focuses on the current state of G-Shock and briefly touches on its 1983 birth, its peak in 1997, and its strong recovery and growth in the 2010s after the introduction of luxury analog models. NAR visited the famed Yamagato Casio factory and the Premium Production Line where Casio’s most skilled workers assemble luxury models by hand, as well as the Hamura R&D Center where G-Shock watches are stress-tested. NAR reports that G-Shock sales make up 25% of Casio’s overall sales and that international expansion will play a major role in its future growth.

The video accompanied the article “The secret to G-Shock’s renaissance — being the toughest in luxury.”

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