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Timer Spec Error for GMW-B5000, GW-B5600 at Casio Site

GMW-B5000 and GW-B5600 Timer Setting in Second Increments

While comparing the G-Shock DW-B5600 versus the GW-B5600, we noticed that there is a minor specification error in the listings of all GMW-B5000, GW-B5600, and MRG-B5000 models at Casio.com. The specifications on the website state that the countdown timer can only be set in 1-minute and 1-hour increments, and not in 1-second increments.

The Casio.com website shows the following under the Specifications (Watch Features) section:

countdown timer error

(Examples at Casio.com: GMW-B5000D-1, GW-B5600-2, MRG-B5000B-1)

In reality, the timer on the GMW-B5000, GW-B5600, and MRG-B5000 can also be set in seconds too. This is confirmed in the official instruction manuals for modules 3459, 3461, and 3501, which show that the seconds can be adjusted along with the minutes and hours. (I’ve also confirmed it using my own GMW-B5000.)

The specifications in the instructions also state the following:

Measuring unit: 1 second
Countdown range: 24 hours
Setting unit: 1 second
Time up: 10-second beeper

GMW-B5000 Instructions at Casio: Module 3459
GW-B5600 Instructions at Casio: Module 3461
MRG-B5000 Instructions at Casio: Module 3501

The older GW-M5610 (not the updated GW-M5610U) had a timer that was limited to setting 1-minute and 1-hour increments, but the GW-M5610U timer can also be adjusted in 1-second increments.

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1 year ago

Casio should double check their entries on site!

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