Casio’s ‘History of G-Shock’ page now in English, plus new MR-G site

Casio's 'History of G-Shock' page is now in English

We previously mentioned the history page at G-Shock Japan in our article about retro G-Shock resources, and it is now officially available in English at

This page features detailed information about significant G-Shock releases throughout the decades, including all the ones you would expect and a few you may not know about. Along with all the iconic and well-known series, it also features many watches that introduced innovative technological features. It’s the same as the Japanese page, but at least you can view it in its official English version now and not have to translate it. To view the origin story of G-Shock, follow the DW-5000C section link.

There are also links to more in-depth information and images of past models for the five “Masterpiece” series. These include the DW-5000, AW-500, DW-6900, GA-110, and GA-2100. There is also a Technology section where you can learn more about the various features of G-Shock.

History of G-Shock (

Casio also added a new page about the history of the peak G-Shock MR-G series. (Note that the link to the first article about the origin of MR-G is in the section with the image of the watch and bonsai tree.)

G-Shock MR-G History

G-Shock MR-G: History and Watchmaking (


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