Compact G-Shock GD-B500 with Bluetooth and step tracker is an ultra-thin G-Shock

G-Shock GD-B500 with Bluetooth and Step Counter: GD-B500-1, GD-B500S-3, GD-B500-7

G-Shock is releasing the all-new GD-B500 series in April, which is an expectation-defying vertically elongated yet compact model with Bluetooth and a pedometer for step tracking. Measuring 46.3 x 41.5 x 11 millimeters and weighing 45 grams, it is now the thinnest men’s G-Shock watch, beating the GA-2100 (11.8 mm) and GST-B600 (11.4 mm). It is the thinnest men’s G-Shock watch since the GW-056 and G-056 which were also 11 mm and last active in 2006. (The GD-B500 is not the thinnest G-Shock overall, as that would be the women’s GM-S5600 at 10.9 millimeters.) The GD-B500 is also lighter than the GA-2100 by six grams, making it the lightest men’s G-Shock watch.

The GD-B500 is equipped with Bluetooth smartphone link and a step tracker, and it is shock-resistant and water-resistant to 200 meters. Other features include dual time, 1/100-second stopwatch, timer, alarm, and auto LED backlight. The watch uses a CR2016 battery and has an approximate battery life of two years. Despite the elongated rectangular structure, the watch is designed to fit thinner as well as larger wrists. The band is settable from 145 to 200 millimeters (about 5.7 to 7.9 inches), which makes it suitable for some women. The case is made of glass fiber-reinforced resin. The full specifications and manual are not available yet, but we can see that the three-level display has a goal achievement graph for the step counter.

(The watch appears to have some similarities with the Casio LWS-2200H ( which also has a step tracker, but it does not have the Lap Reset button of that model, and the LWS-2200H does not have Bluetooth.)

The series will launch with the black GD-B500-1 (19,800 yen), lime green GD-B500S-3 with translucent band connectors (20,900 yen), and white GD-B500-7 (19,800 yen). (All Japanese prices include tax.)

Update: The instructions are now available at The stopwatch uses 1/100-second increments for the first hour and 1-secod increments after that. The timer has a maximum of 60 minutes and is settable in increments of seconds from 1 second to 60 minutes. The alarm includes 5 daily alarms, and the watch has an hourly time signal and adjustable button sound. The LED backlight has an adjustable duration of 1.5 or 3 seconds. The watch also has a power saving function and low battery alert.

Regarding the step counter, a daily step goal is settable (on the watch or smartphone app) from 1,000 to 50,000, in increments of 1,000. There is an optional step reminder notification along with a notification when the step goal is attained. The step count display mode on the watch also shows a step graph for each hour of the past seven hours plus the current hour (in the area where the day of week is usually displayed), as well as the total step count number.

The lap memory with lap and split times is viewable on the watch. It appears that all 200 lap records can be viewed on the watch, but as they need to be cycled through in order one at a time, it is probably easier to use the smartphone app to view older data. Individual lap records, along with all lap records, can be deleted using the watch alone.

G-Shock also revealed a light gray GD-B500 model with orange buttons, translucent band connectors, and positive LCD display on, which may be an upcoming international model. (Update: This model is the GD-B500S-8.)

G-Shock GD-B500 Light Gray, Orange Buttons, Positive LCD Display

For more information, view GD-B500 in the G-Central Specs Catalog.

Update 2: G-Shock U.S. is expected to release the GDB500-1 ($120), GDB500-7 ($120), GDB500S-3 ($130), and GDB500S-8 ($130) soon.

G-Shock GD-B500-1: Black with inverted LCD display.

G-Shock GD-B500-1

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G-Shock GD-B500-7: White with inverted LCD display.

G-Shock GD-B500-7

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G-Shock GD-B500S-3: Lime green with translucent band sections and positive green-tinted LCD display.

G-Shock GD-B500S-3

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