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Crown visits the G-Shock “Torture Chamber” at Hamura R&D

Crown Watch Blog visited the Quality Assurance Laboratory at Casio’s Hamura R&D Center in Japan, a.k.a. the “Torture Chamber,” where over 180 stress tests are administered on new G-Shock models. Some of the little-known tests they saw included a “surface film strength specification” involving a cloth wear test and a “corrosion resistance specification” involving immersion in artificial sweat. The video also shows five tests including a pusher test involving the Rangeman GPR-B1000 in mud and the Frogman underwater, water pressure test, the always fun hammer test, drop test (to simulate a 10-meter fall onto concrete), and a centrifugal force test for Gravitymaster watches (testing up to 15g).

Crown also publishes a print magazine that is available around the world.


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