G-Shock AWG Series Basic Black and Black & Gold


G-Shock Japan added two new analog-digital watches to the Basic Black series and has also given them the black and gold treatment.

The AWG-M100SBB-1AJF (left) and AWG-M100SBG-1AJF (second from left) are based on the popular G-Shock AWG-M100S Tough Solar/Multi-Band 6 analog-digital watch which is one of the few standard-sized (i.e. not large) analog G-Shock options. The AWG-M510SBB-1AJF (second from right) and AWG-M510SBG-1AJF (right) are based on the G-Shock AWG-M510S, a Tough Solar/Multi-Band 6 model with a case that pays tribute to the first-ever analog G-Shock, the AW-500 from 1989. AWG-M510S watches have been Japan-only releases lately. All four models feature shock resistance, 200-meter water resistance, world time, stopwatch, timer, 5 alarms, and full auto LED light.

The AWG-M100SBB-1AJF has a bezel and buttons with a black IP, white-tipped hour and minute hands, and standard LCD sub-displays.

G-Shock awg-m100sbb-1a

The AWG-M100SBG-1AJF has a bezel, buttons, and buckle with a gold IP, gold hour and minute hands, and reverse LCD sub-displays.

G-Shock awg-m100sbg-1a

The AWG-M510SBB-1AJF has an all black bezel, gray 12-hour marker, white hour and minute hands, and standard LCD sub-displays.

G-Shock awg-m510sbb-1a

The AWG-M510SBG-1AJF has gold lettering, gold accents on the dial, and gold hour and minute hands with white tips, and reverse LCD sub-displays.

G-Shock awg-m510sbg-1a

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