G-Shock Connected app support ending, to be replaced by Casio Watches app

Support for the G-Shock Connected smartphone app will reportedly end at the end of July. Casio is notifying users to transfer their data to the Casio Watches app and to use the Casio Watches app instead. This also applies to the MR-G Connected app.

Notices on the G-Shock Connected and MR-G Connected app pages on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store state, “The functionality of this app will be transferred to the new watch app, CASIO WATCHES. By updating to version 3.0, users of this app will be able to transfer their user data to CASIO WATCHES via this app.”

The Casio Watches app is expected to offer the same functionality as the G-Shock Connected app. Japanese fan site Great G-Shock World points out that one of the differences of using the Casio Watches app with a connected watch is that it requires the user to log in with a registered Casio ID, whereas the G-Shock Connected app did not.

While it looks like all new Bluetooth-equipped G-Shock series going forward will use the Casio Watches app, including recent G-SQUAD/MOVE series like the GBD-H2000 and DW-H5600, it’s not known if support for the G-Shock MOVE app will also end at some point. (If so, it may not be anytime in the near future, as the new GBX-100TT models are still using the G-Shock MOVE app.)

Note: Casio also has a recent notice about automatic time synchronization failing on the Casio Watches app with Android 12 or higher devices. The solution is to follow the steps below:

1. Select “OS Settings” -> “Applications” -> “CASIO WATCHES” -> “App permissions” and turn on the “Nearby devices permission”.

Casio Watches App


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