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G-Shock GA-2000 Military Color Series

G-SHOCK GA-2000-2A GA-2000-3A GA-2000-5A GA-2000 Military Colors: Blue, Green, Brown

G-Shock launched the new GA-2000 line with three vivid colorways and is now offering three more conventional, military-inspired colorways for April 2019.

The GA-2000 is the most affordable G-Shock line to utilize the new Carbon Core Guard case design. The lightweight carbon fiber reinforced case features a very high strength and hardness for improved durability. Other features include a dual-layer stainless steel and resin case back and bi-color molded bands. The GA-2000 is also the first G-Shock watch to feature a quick-release band and different styles of bands (Velcro, Cordura, and cloth) will be available to purchase separately.

G-Shock GA-2000 Military Colors: Blue, Green, Brown

The GA-2000 features shock resistance, 200-meter water resistance, world time (48 cities + UTC, DST on/off), 1/100 second stopwatch (24 hours, with split), countdown timer (24 hours), 5 alarms, hourly time signal, button tone on/off, full auto calendar, 12/24 hour format, dual LED lights (Super Illuminator LED and LED backlight for LCD with 1.5/3-second afterglow), and estimated 3-year battery life. The GA-2000 measures 51.2 x 48.7 x 14.1 millimeters and weighs 64 grams.

The GA-2000-2AJF, The GA-2000-3AJF, and GA-2000-5AJF are April 2019 releases in Japan with a list price of 16,000 JPY each. The GA-2000-2A, GA-2000-3A, and GA-2000-5A will also be released throughout Asia.

The GA2000-2A, GA2000-3A, and GA2000-5A are scheduled for a May 2019 release in the U.S. with a list price of $130 USD each.

G-Shock GA-2000-2A

The GA-2000-2A features the traditional Navy colors of blue and gold.

G-Shock GA-2000-2A

GA2000-2A at Reeds GA2000-2A on Amazon GA2000-2A on eBay

G-Shock GA-2000-3A

The GA-2000-3A has an olive green color that matches woodland environments.

G-Shock GA-2000-3A

GA2000-3A on Amazon GA-2000-3A on eBay

G-Shock GA-2000-5A

The GA-2000-5A has a brown color that matches woodland and desert environments.

G-Shock GA-2000-5A

GA2000-5A at Reeds GA2000-5A on Amazon GA-2000-5A on eBay

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