G-Shock GCW-B5000 Hands-on Videos by WatchDavid

WatchDavid posted a hands-on video of the just announced full carbon G-Shock GCW-B5000 series, including the black GCW-B5000UN-1 and purple GCW-B5000UN-6. If you’re trying to save money, maybe don’t watch this video.


It’s apparent that the use of forged carbon for the one-piece bezel of the 5000 series is a natural fit, and the forged carbon link band matches the bezel perfectly. We may be a little biased, but the GCW-B5000UN-1 is the nicest forged carbon watch we’ve ever seen. Like the GWG-2000, the surface of the forged carbon has a polished look with a slight sheen under the light, which gives the watch a refined appearance. The GCW-B5000UN-6 also looks great with its mixed colors, and the video highlights the intricate color variations which include specks of powdered opal. These specks are a lot brighter and more reflective when viewed up close under the light, compared to the previous images. The variety of opal colors is also more apparent in the video. We’re guessing that it is synthetic opal, like the type made by Kyocera that was used in the GLS-5600KL series.

It seems that Casio has saved the best for last when it comes to the G-Shock 40th Anniversary. These watches simply look fantastic, but whether they are worth two stacks each will depend on the individual.

The video is in German with auto-translated English captions available. There is also an English-language review with exclusive photos at the WatchDavid Blog (watchdavid.com).

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