G-Shock GMS-S5600 is a smaller square series with Tough Solar power

G-Shock GMS-S5600 with Tough Solar power

Another month, another G-Shock. The GMS-S5600 is an all-new series featuring the classic “square” G-Shock design in a small form factor with Tough Solar power. It is similar to the GMD-W5600 that was launched last year with the GMD-W5600K-9JR I.C.E.R.C. collaboration, but it does not have Multi-Band 6 auto radio timekeeping. The GMS-S5600 is the same size and weight as the GMD-S5600 (45.7 x 40.5 x 11.9 mm, 41 grams) but has the features of the G-5600U (except for the full auto backlight) rather than the DW-5600.

The two debut models include the blush pink GMS-S5600RT-4 and white GMS-S5600RT-7, both of which have subtle marble patterns on the bezels and bands that give the impression of rocks in nature. The bezel and band are made of bio-based resins. The use of Tough Solar eliminates the need for regular battery changes, and digital models like these are typically able to be kept fully charged by sunlight and indoor lighting without much effort.

Major features of the GMS-S5600 include shock resistance, 200-meter water resistance, 5 world times, 1/100-second stopwatch (1-second after 1 hour), countdown timer (24 hours), 5 daily alarms with 1 snooze, LED backlight (1.5 or 3 seconds), full auto calendar, and adjustable date display and day of week language.

The tax-included price in Japan is 18,700 yen each (GMS-S5600RT-4JF, GMS-S5600RT-7JF), and these models are “web exclusive” at Casio Japan. The series is expected to be released internationally with other regions to be announced.

G-Shock GMS-S5600RT-4:

G-Shock GMS-S5600RT-4

GMS-S5600RT-4 Display

G-Shock GMS-S5600RT-7:

G-Shock GMS-S5600RT-7

GMS-S5600RT-7 Display

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