Smaller G-Shock Squares in Basic Black and White: GMD-S5600BA-1 & GMD-S5600BA-7

Casio is releasing two G-Shock GMD-S5600 models in basic black (GMD-S5600BA-1) and white (GMD-S5600BA-7) unisex colorways. Prior to these models, the only smaller black square G-Shock was the GMD-S5600-1 which has a metallic bronze face. The only smaller white square G-Shock was the GMD-S5600-7 with a metallic silver face and a negative LCD display, so the new GMD-S5600BA-7 with a positive display will offer improved legibility, especially in darker settings. These models will appeal to those looking for a smaller G-Shock based on the original 5000 series design and in a subdued black or white style.

The GMD-S5600BA models measure 45.7 x 40.5 x 11.9 millimeters and weigh 41 grams. Features include shock resistance, 200-meter water resistance, stopwatch, countdown timer with auto repeat, multi-function alarm, hourly time signal, flash alerts, LED backlight, and full auto calendar. The battery life is approximately three years.

In Japan, the GMD-S5600BA-1JF and GMD-S5600BA-7JF are September 2023 releases with a tax-included price of 13,200 yen each. Both models are expected to be released worldwide.

G-Shock GMD-S5600BA-1:

G-Shock GMD-S5600BA-1 Black

G-Shock GMD-S5600BA-1 Wrist Shot

G-Shock GMD-S5600BA-7:

G-Shock GMD-S5600BA-7 White

G-Shock GMD-S5600BA-7 Wrist Shot

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