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G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-2000CR-1A features a cracked mud and earth-like camouflage style

G-Shock GWG-2000CR-1A Rift Valley Mud King

G-Shock China just listed a new Mudmaster GWG-2000 colorway that is also expected to be released worldwide. The GWG-2000CR-1A has a black and gray mud and earth-like camouflage design on the stainless steel bezel and band. Some of these markings extend to the numerical hour markers and dial of the watch. Based on a previously leaked image in which the upper band had a “Carbon Fiber” label rather than the usual “Forged Carbon” label, there was some speculation that this model could be different than previous GWG-2000 models, with possibly more carbon fiber parts. That is not the case, and the new images have the “Forged Carbon” label unlike the pre-release render. Like other GWG-2000 models, some of the bezel parts are made with forged carbon, which offers enhanced strength and a uniquely textured appearance.

G-Shock GWG-2000CR-1A Dial

According to G-Shock China, the watch has the title of “Rift Valley Mud King” and is inspired by the Grand Canyon. The watch has a price of 5,990 yuan, and orders from Casio China will include a gift box set with camping tools and a functional outdoor vest (with an “Absolute Toughness” logo on the outer pocket). The gift box version is limited to 1,500 pieces and is not expected to be available outside of China.

Major features of the GWG-2000CR-1A include Tough Solar power, Multi-Band 6 automatic radio time correction, Triple Sensor (pressure with altimeter and barometer, compass, thermometer), sapphire crystal, Neobrite luminous hands and markers, world time, 1/100-second stopwatch, countdown timer, 5 daily alarms, and full auto double LED light. The GWG-2000CR-1A is a Carbon Core Guard model measuring 61.2 x 54.4 x 16.1 millimeters and weighing 106 grams.

Release details for other countries are forthcoming.

Update: G-Shock U.S. released the GWG2000CR-1A for $850. G-Shock Japan is releasing the GWG-2000CR-1AJF in September 2023 with a tax-included price of 116,600 yen.

Update: G-Shock U.K. released the GWG-2000CR-1AER “Cracked Mudmaster” for £749 at g-shock.co.uk and stated it is a limited edition.

G-Shock GWG-2000CR-1A

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G-Shock GWG-2000CR-1A Angle

G-Shock GWG-2000CR-1A Band

The gift box set is exclusive to China.

G-Shock GWG-2000CR-1A China Gift Box Set

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