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G-Shock Navy Blue Accent Series

G-Shock Navy Blue Accent Series November 2018

The G-Shock Navy Blue Accent Series consists of five watches featuring navy blue exteriors and light blue accents and inner-layer bands, including four analog-digital and one digital model. The series is slated for a November 2018 release in Japan. Some of these models will most likely be released in other markets internationally. (G-Shock China released the AWG-M100SCC-2A, DW-5600CC-2, and GA-110CC-2A in October 2018.)

Update: The AWG-M100SCC-2A, DW-5600CC-2, GA-110CC-2A, GA-400CC-2A, and GA-800CC-2A are also November 2018 releases throughout Asia.

AWG-M100SCC-2JF: Mid-size case with analog-digital display and Tough Solar/Multi-Band 6. List price ¥25,000 JPY.

AWG-M100SCC-2JF on eBay

DW-5600CC-2JF: Mid-size case with digital display and EL backlight. List price ¥12,000 JPY.

DW-5600CC-2JF on eBay

GA-110CC-2AJF: Large case. List price ¥16,000 JPY.

GA-110CC-2AJF on eBay

GA-400CC-2AJF: Large case with rotary switch. List price ¥17,000 JPY.

GA-400CC-2AJF on eBay

GA-800CC- 2AJF: Mid-size case with analog-digital display with three analog hands and one-press stopwatch start. List price ¥16,000 JPY.

GA-800CC- 2AJF on eBay

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