G-Shock to add six women’s watches with shiny dials for spring and summer (GMA-P2100, GMA-S120, GMA-S140)

G-Shock GMA-P2100SG

Unveiled by Casio for an April release in Asia (and probably wider) are six analog-digital G-Shock women’s watches with shiny metallic dials inspired by spring and summer. The GMA-P2100SG-1A (black with gold dial), GMA-P2100SG-4A (pink), and GMA-P2100SG-2A (violet) feature a vapor deposition with a colored gradation on the dial inspired by a sunset on the water. The GMA-P2100 series is an excellent place for women to start with G-Shock, as it is the smallest analog-digital model available. G-Shock has been releasing new GMA-P2100 models at a rapid pace since the series made its debut in January 2024, with the available colorways now totaling eleven (including these).

G-Shock GMA-P2100VA-7A, GMA-S120VA-7A, GMA-S140VA-7A

The GMA-P2100VA-7A, GMA-S120VA-7A, and GMA-S140VA-7A combine basic white bezels and bands with silver vapor-deposited dials inspired by the sun reflecting off the ocean. These watches also have unisex appeal with their neutral colors. This is the first GMA-S120 release of 2024 and the first GMA-S140 release since 2021.

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