Light gray G-Shock GD-B500S-8 is second GD-B500 with positive display

G-Shock GD-B500S-8 Angle

Like the GA-2300-8A, the G-Shock GD-B500S-8 was not released as part of its series launch in Japan but is being released in other countries with the other debut models. As part of the GD-B500 series, this watch is only 11 millimeters thick and features Bluetooth smartphone link, an accelerometer to measure daily step count, and a 200-record lap memory.

The GD-B500S-8 is notable for being the only GD-B500 model other than the fluorescent green GD-B500S-3 with a non-inverted (or positive) display, which may provide better legibility in certain settings. The watch has a light gray bezel and band with translucent band connectors and orange buttons. Compared to other GD-B500 models, the multi-piece structure of the bezel is a bit more pronounced, with the gray and white bezel parts providing a nice contrast. It’s apparent that this series has a lot of potential for future color combinations.

The GD-B500S-8 is currently available in China and Taiwan and is coming soon to Singapore for S$189. All four GD-B500 models are also expected to be released in the U.S. soon. (Update: G-Shock U.S. released the GDB500S-8 for $130.

G-Shock GD-B500S-8

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