Quick facts about the GA-110, the world’s #1 G-Shock watch

Casio recently revealed that the G-Shock GA-110 is the world’s all-time top-selling G-Shock base model. Here are some quick facts about the popular analog-digital watch.

The GA-110 was first released in March 2010 with the “Hyper Color” series. Included in the debut was the multi-colored GA-110F-2 which came with a G-Shock Man figure.

First G-Shock GA-110 Models from 2010

GA-110F-2 G-Shock Man

The GA-110 (and GA-100) was created by head designer Ryusuke Moriai who is also famous for designing the best-selling Casio F-91W digital watch. Moriai joined Casio in 1985.

Moriai stated that he intended to create a “Japanese subculture model” with the GA-110 that would accommodate many color combinations. He also stated that it is influenced by the “industrial design of steampunk.” (source)

According to G-Shock.jp, 111 GA-110 models have been released (not including all collaborations).

Zumiez.com’s top-selling G-Shock watches are the black and gold GA110GB-1A and the more subdued GA110-1B at number one and two, respectively. These are also Macys.com’s top two GA-110 models. In the second half of 2018, the GA-110GB-1A was also the top GA-110 model at Casio’s Japan e-commerce site with the GA-110FRG-7A collaboration watch at number two and the white and rose gold GA-110FRG-7A at number three.

The most recent GA-110 collaboration is the A$AP Ferg x G-Shock GA-110FRG-7A which is currently the top-selling G-Shock at Macys.com. A Bathing Ape’s last collaboration was also a GA-110. Other notable GA-110 collaboration partners include DJ Dash Berlin, Dee and Ricky, Eric Haze, and XLarge.

GA-110FRG-7A Angle

The last multi-model GA-110 series is the GA-110CR Coral Reef Series featuring semi-transparent bezels and bands and matching Baby-G models.

G-Shock GA-110CR Coral Reef Color

In 2018, Casio released two GA-110 models that feature real natural diamonds on the dial. These were the black GA-135DD-1A (also available in the G Presents Lovers Collection 2018 LOV-18C-1A) and the white GA-110DDR-7A.

G-Shock GA-110DDR-7A and Baby-G BA-110DDR-7A

The most recent GA-110 model is the GA-110MMC-1A with a glossy black finish and rose gold dial.

G-Shock GA-110MMC-1AJF


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5 years ago

I’m a big fan of the all one color watches. But the pink and blue aren’t very often affordable.

5 years ago
Reply to  Jay

Yes, because these (the watches pictured at the top) are old models that are not being made anymore.

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