These G-Shock Master of G watches from the 2010s are now made in Japan

These classic Master of G models are now made in Japan

There are some lines of G-Shock, such as MR-G, MT-G, Frogman, Full Metal (including GMW-B5000 and GM-B2100), as well as certain models like the GW-5000U-1, that are known to always be made in Casio’s home country of Japan. Then there are some series and models that may start off being made in Japan but change to a different country later. When it comes to analog and analog-digital G-Shocks, all the movements are made in Japan, but the watch may be assembled (or “cased” as Casio terms it) in another country like Thailand or China. In the past, the Gravitymaster GW-3000, Gravitymaster GW-A1100, Mudmaster GWG-1000, and Gulfmaster GWN-1000 series have been known to be cased in Thailand at times.

According to Casio Japan, the GW-3000B-1AJF, GW-A1100-1A3JF, GWG-1000-1A3JF, and GWN-1000B-1BJF are now designated as made in Japan. We don’t have access to any recent watches purchased from Casio Japan to confirm this, but it seems likely that these watches are now being made in Japan in smaller quantities than before, as most of these models are available only in Japan now.

The GWG-1000-1A3 is also still available in Malaysia and Singapore, and it should be noted that it doesn’t have the made-in-Japan designation on the Casio sites for those countries, so it’s possible that they may still be selling the Thailand-cased ones there. Also, this designation may apply only to orders from Casio Japan and not to older stocks from other retailers and third-party sellers. It may also not apply to these models found in official G-Shock stores in other countries. If you’re in a store, you can see the watch’s country of origin labeled on the case back cover, and you can ask an online seller to check this for you. We’re not saying that you should give preference to a made-in-Japan G-Shock, but it’s something to consider if that matters to you at all.

The made-in-Japan designation on the Casio website looks like this.

Casio Made In Japan

If you’re wondering about the latest Mudmaster series, the GWG-B1000 launch models are designated as made in Japan on the Casio Japan site, but GWG-2000 models are not. In other countries, the GWG-B1000 models are not designated as Japan-made by Casio, but the case back images show that they are, and we haven’t seen evidence of any GWG-B1000 watches being made elsewhere yet. (As we have previously seen with the GWG-1000, it could change from Japan to Thailand in the future.)

Will the Mudmaster GWG-B1000 continue to be made in Japan?

G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-B1000 Colors

These four Master of G models were popular when they launched in the 2010s, with Mudmaster becoming one of the most prominent G-Shock lines after launching in 2015. They are still solid options with advanced features and unique characteristics, but the future of these models and their respective series is uncertain, as other older Master of G series have been getting discontinued recently.


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