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Which Casio watch does Barry Keoghan wear in Saltburn?

Barry Keoghan wears Casio A163 Wristwatch as Oliver Quick in Saltburn

Actor Barry Keoghan wears a Casio digital watch playing Oliver Quick in the film Saltburn. At first glance, the watch looks like a Casio A168, but the distinctive color markings had us digging deeper. Based on the shape of the display and the two blue spots seen in closer shots, the watch appears to be the Casio A163WA-1Q (a.k.a. A163WA-1QES).

The A163 is known for its raised and beveled resin glass display and retro font style. Like the A168, it has a chrome-plated resin case with stainless steel band, a splash-resistant WR rating, stopwatch, daily alarm, hourly time signal, auto-calendar, and a 7-year battery, but it is equipped with an LED light instead of the EL backlight. The A163WA-1Q is available at the official Casio sites for Europe (such as www.casio.com/de) but is not as readily available in the U.K. and U.S. (The very similar A158WA-1 is available in the U.S. at Casio and at Amazon.com.)

Casio A163WA-1Q Display

According to a British GQ article, a lot of thought was put into the the wardrobe choices for Saltburn. Prop master Phil Smith stated “The Casio is functional, precise and accurate. For such a calculated and focused character like Oliver this is perfect.” (The article misidentifies the watch as an A164.)

Saltburn is a dark comedy and psychological thriller directed by Academy Award-winner Emerald Fennell (Promising Young Woman). It has received a lot of positive attention on social media, but we should warn you that it is rated R (for strong sexual content, graphic nudity, language throughout).

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Casio A163WA-1QES

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Casio A163WA-1Q Case

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