Fire Package 2018: AWG-M100SF-1A4 & GW-2310FB-1B4

G-Shock Fire Package 2018 AWG-M100SF-1A4JR & GW-2310FB-1B4JR

It’s time for the annual G-Shock Fire Package releases and February 2018 brings the AWG-M100SF-1A4JR and GW-2310FB-1B4JR to Japan. The Fire Package is typically a pair of two Tough Solar/Multi-Band 6 models: an analog-digital AWG-M100 and a digital model. This year is no different but the blue color of the past few years has been forgone in favor of an orange theme. The orange is said to represent hope and the sun shining while challenging oneself in new areas. There is a throwback feel to this release as these models are mid-size classics that are more reminiscent of the early 2000s than the current era of extra-large watches.

The analog-digital AWG-M100SF-1A4JR has a black IP stainless steel bezel and orange markers and hands. The bezel is completely blacked out with no letter coloring. List price is ¥25,000 JPY.

The digital GW-2310FB-1B4JR has a black IP stainless steel bezel with a blacked out logo and orange lettering for the button functions, along with other orange accents on the display. This model also has a front-facing EL backlight button. List price is ¥21,000 JPY.

These models come in special Fire Package cases. In the past certain Fire Package models have also been released internationally.

Update: Amazon is now selling the AWG-M100SF1A4 and GW-2310FB-1B4. The North American releases may not include the special Fire Package case seen below.

G-Shock Fire Package 2018 Box

G-Shock AWG-M100SF-1A4

G-Shock AWG-M100SF-1A4JR

G-Shock GW-2310FB-1B4

G-Shock GW-2310FB-1B4JR

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