G-Shock GW-M5610-1B now sold by Amazon

G-Shock GW-M5610-1BJF

The stealthy G-Shock GW-M5610-1B is now being sold in the U.S. directly by Amazon. This means that the watch will be covered by a Casio warranty if Amazon.com is the seller. Though it is listed as the “GW-M5610-1BJF” on Amazon, a reader emailed us and said that the watch he and others received was actually the “GW-M5610-1BCR.” This is basically the same watch as the GW-M5610-1BJF, and the last two letters of the name merely signify which region the watch is meant to be sold in. (Different regions may have different boxes, cases, and instructions.) The fact that it is a “CR” model has us hopeful that Amazon will be selling it regularly, but you never really know.

The GW-M5610-1B (or the GW-M5610-1BJF or GW-M5610-1BCR) has the same features as the bestselling GW-M5610-1, including Tough Solar power and Multi-Band 6 auto radio time syncing. It has a more subtle design with an inverted LCD display and white labels and lines.

Be sure to verify that Amazon.com is the selected seller (i.e. “Sold by Amazon.com”), as there are also other sellers for this model, and there are times when Amazon.com may be out of stock.

GW-M5610-1B on Amazon

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