Reeds Jewelers is selling a G-Shock Organizer Bag

Other than bundled with gift box sets or promotions from certain retailers, it’s unusual to see non-timepiece G-Shock items being sold on their own. Reeds Jewelers is currently selling a “G-Shock Organizer Bag” for $35. Unfortunately, there is no additional information (such as the dimensions) other than the image provided and the description, “From G-Shock, an organization bag.” It looks like it could be more of a carrying case type of bag, and it’s unknown if there is any handle, strap, or perhaps a belt attachment.

Update: Jared is also selling the bag at for $50 with a few more images available. According to a tag on the bag, it is made of Cordura fabric. We’re not sure if this item is meant to carry watches or other accessories.

G-Shock Organizer Bag

G-Shock Organizer Bag at Reeds
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28 days ago

This is so cool! Any pics of how the organizer looks when full though? I want to have an idea of how many pieces I can store in there before it becomes impossible to close.

I couldn’t find many pics online, and the only ones I can find of the interior are from jared.

Based on the interior pics, it seems that the watches placed within the organizer will be directly facing one another. I am not sure if Wouldn’t this mean that the watches will be scratching one another while inside the organizer?

26 days ago
Reply to  G-Central

Just realized you’re right. Never considered it to be an EDC related bag or just one for regular everyday use. Oh well, kind of a bummer. Always assumed it is a watch-carrying pouch. THat would’ve been sick lol

28 days ago

The world is becoming more collaborative in the store front realm. This is how you separate yourself from the pack in the minds of your customers. It works. Reed’s is becoming the single biggest name in G-Shocks in the USA. Looks like that will continue with projects like this little accessory bag.

28 days ago

Reeds calls it an everyday Cary organizer. Not sure why it’s branded with G-Shock as it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with watches

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