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Pro Trek PRG-650: Solar Triple Sensor & Neon Illuminator

Casio Pro Trek PRG-650 PRG-650-1 PRG-650Y-1 PRG-650YBE-3

The Pro Trek PRG-650 is a September update to the popular PRG-600 series. Casio is releasing three models to start this new line, the PRG-650-1, PRG-650Y-1, and PRG-650YBE-3. Like the PRG-600, the PRG-650 is Tough Solar-powered, has a stainless steel bezel, Triple Sensor (altimeter/barometer, compass, thermometer), and STN LCD display. The dial has a new design with more numerical indicators, and there is now a Triple Sensor logo on the face. The PRG-650 is water-resistant to 100 meters and measures 51.6 x 51.5 x 13.4 mm like the PRG-600. Other features include world time (29 cities + UTC), 1/100 second stopwatch (24 hour with split), timer (60 minutes), 5 alarms, and double LED light with Neon Illuminator blacklight LED (an upgrade from the PRG-600).

The PRG-650-1 (left) has a silver bezel, white markers, standard LCD display, and a Durasoft silicone band. The PRG-650Y-1 (middle) has a gray IP bezel, black markers with white 12 and 6 o’clock markers, reverse LCD display, and a Durasoft silicone band. Both the PRG-650-1 and PRG-650Y-1 have a luminescent inner layer on the silicone band that will glow in the dark. This is a new feature that could possibly show up on future G-Shock models. The inner layer of the PRG-650-1 is white while the inner layer of the PRG-650Y-1 appears to be a very light blue. The PRG-650YBE-3 (right) has a black IP bezel, white markers, reverse LCD display, and comes with both a silicone band and a cloth camouflage band.

Luminescent inner layer of the PRG-650Y-1:
Pro Trek PRG-650 Luminescent Glow In The Dark Band

Pro Trek PRG-650-1

Japan release PRG-650-1JF has a list price of ¥46,000 JPY.

Casio Pro Trek PRG-650-1

PRG-650-1JF on Amazon PRG-650-1JF on eBay

Pre Trek PRG-650Y-1

Japan release PRG-650Y-1JF has a list price of ¥48,000 JPY. Update: The PRG-650Y-1 is now available in North America.

Casio Pro Trek PRG-650Y-1

PRG-650Y-1 on Amazon PRG-650Y-1 on eBay

Pro Trek PRG-650YBE-3

Japan release PRG-650YBE-3JR has a list price of ¥51,000 JPY. Update: The PRG-650YBE-3 is now available in North America.

Casio Pro Trek PRG-650YBE-3

PRG-650YBE-3 on Amazon PRG-650YBE-3 on eBay

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