G-Shock G-SQUAD GBA-800 with Step Tracker and Bluetooth

G-Shock G-Squad GBA-800 with Step Tracker and Bluetooth

G-Shock is introducing the new G-SQUAD series with six model of the analog-digtal GBA-800 featuring a Step Tracker and Bluetooth connectivity. The six models include basic monotone configurations to match fitness clothing: GBA-800-1A (black), GBA-800-2A (blue), GBA-800-3A (green), GBA-800-7A (white), GBA-800-8A (gray), and GBA-800-9A (yellow).

The GBA-800 has a 3-axis accelerometer and can pair with a G-Shock Connected smartphone app to track and view daily step tracking and calories burned. The app displays a graph that breaks down the steps taken into five metabolic equivalent (MET) levels in daily, weekly, or monthly views. If a smartphone is used while walking or running, the app will graphically display the steps taken and calories burned on a map. A special timer allows the user to configure five timers (up to 60 minutes each) to automatically repeat up to 20 times to create interval training workouts.

The Bluetooth connection also allows the smartphone app to set dual time display settings with 300 cities, automatically sync the time four times a day, and set the time and alarms. The Phone Finder function will set off an alarm on the smartphone by pressing a watch button.

At 45.2 x 42.6 x 13.3 millimeters, the GBA-800 is significantly smaller than the mid-size GA-800 (54.1 x 48.6 x 15.5 mm). This smaller size makes it an appropriate choice for women too. Like the GA-800, the GBA-800 has a front button for the LED light, but does not have a third analog hand. The battery life is rated for approximately 2 years. Full features include shock resistance, 200-meter water resistance, Bluetooth Low Energy, step counter, stopwatch, countdown timer, 5 daily alarms, and auto Super Illuminator double LED light with afterglow.

(Price and release date will be added when available.)

G-Shock G-SQUAD GBA-800 Step Tracker Bluetooth

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