G-Shock GPW-2000 Gravitymaster goes to space

Casio UK recently sent the G-Shock GPW-2000 Gravitymaster into the stratosphere towards zero gravity using a meteorological flight balloon. The watch spent one hour and 22 minutes in space, reaching a height of 44.1 kilometers above the earth and enduring temperatures of minus 58 degrees Celsius. The watch also endured crushing g-forces of 3.63 g’s and air pressure of 0.00146 bar. After returning to earth the GPW-2000 then survived a 65 kmph free-fall for 123 meters.

The GPW-2000 is an advanced G-Shock watch featuring Tough Solar, 3-Way Time Sync (with Bluetooth, GPS timekeeping, and Multi-Band 6), GPS location tracking, and Triple G Resist (protection from shock, g-forces, and vibration).

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