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New Crazy Color G-Shock watches with NFL team colors

It’s almost football season and that means more unofficial NFL team color G-Shock watches. In summer 2014 the Big Case Crazy Color series was inspired (unofficially) by NFL football teams, and that football-themed trend is set to continue with more Crazy Color watches for August 2015. Here are the new models coming soon as well as the previous colors from last year. Bookmark this post and check back later to see when the new watches become available.

Green Bay Packers: GA400CS-9A

The green and yellow GA400CS-9A is the perfect watch for cheeseheads as it matches the Green Bay Packers uniform and has one of the boldest G-Shock cases.

GA400CS-9A Green Bay Packers Wrist Watch

Denver Broncos: GA400CS-7A

The blue, orange, and white colors of the GA400CS-7A are a perfect match for the Denver Broncos.

GA400CS-7A Denver Broncos Wrist Watch

Minnesota Vikings: GD120CS-6

The purple, yellow, and white of the GD120CS-6 is a solid match for the Minnesota Vikings and possibly one for the Baltimore Ravens too. It even has a purple reverse display. The Ravens seem to use more of a gold trim but the yellow might work. This watch has white bands and a yellow band keeper as seen in this video. These colors also match LSU and the Los Angeles Lakers purple and gold team colors.

GD120CS-6 Minnesota Vikings and Baltimore Ravens Wrist Watch

New Orleans Saints: GD120CS-1

There’s no mistaking the black and gold theme of the GD120CS-1 as a match for the New Orleans Saints. It also has the most mainstream appeal of all the new Crazy Color models with its relatively normal color scheme.
GD120CS-1 New Orleans Saints Wrist Watch

Previously released models:

Here are the previous Crazy Color releases from summer 2014. It may be wise not to hesitate on buying these as they will become increasingly hard to find.

Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, Seattle Seahawks: G8900CS-8

The blue and silver G8900CS-8 makes a solid match for the several teams like the Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, and Detroit Lions.

G8900CS-8 Dallas Cowbows and Seattle Seahawks Wrist Watch

Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, New York Giants: GDX6900CS-7

The patriotic red, white, and blue design of the GDX6900CS-7 is a perfect match for the Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, and New York Giants. Also see the recently released maritime tricolor series with four watches available in red-white-and-blue.

GDX6900CS-7 New England Patriots Wrist Watch

Pittsburgh Steelers: GA100CS-7A

The black and yellow design of the GA100CS-7A matches the always tough-looking Pittsburgh Steelers uniform. It even has red and blue text to match the Steelmark colors on the helmet.

GA100CS-7A Pittsburgh Steelers Wrist Watch

San Francisco 49ers: GA110CS-4A

The GA110CS-4A matches the iconic red and gold colors of the San Francisco 49ers and is also known as the “Iron Man” G-Shock.

GA110CS-4A San Francisco 49ers Wrist Watch

New York Jets: G8900CS-3

The green and white G8900CS-3 matches the New York Jets and also the Boston Celtics.

G8900CS-3 New York Jets and Boston Celtics Wrist Watch

Washington Redskins: GA100CS-9A

The red and yellow GA100CS-9A matches the Washington Redskins and also the USC Trojans.

GA100CS-9A Washington Redkins and USC Wrist Watch

St. Louis Rams: GA400-9B

The blue and yellow GA400-9B is not part of the Crazy Color series but it makes a fine team watch for the St. Louis Rams, Michigan, or the Golden State Warriors.

GA400-9B St. Louis Rams and Golden State Warriors Wrist Watch

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Kim Castro
Kim Castro
7 years ago

Will you be having the Seahawks colored watches out soon?

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