Red and Gold G-Shock GA-110VLA-4A Baby-G BA-110VLA-4A

Casio G-Shock GA-110VLA-4AJF Baby-G BA-110VLA-4AJR

G-Shock Japan has two releases scheduled for December, the Maharishi x G-Shock Mudmaster and the GA-110VLA-4AJF with the matching Baby-G BA-110VLA-4AJF. These watches have a glossy red finish with gold lettering and a vivid gold face with a black dial ring. The design brings to mind the red and gold “Iron Man” G-Shock GA-110CS-4A, but this VLA series appears to have a bolder and more striking look. It is likely to be a popular series in China with its traditional good luck colors.

The G-Shock GA-110VLA-4A has a list price of ¥17,000 JPY and the Baby-G BA-110VLA-4A has a list price of ¥15,500 JPY.

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