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Upcoming Casio G-Shock Watch Rumors for Spring 2020

Due to conflicts with its release schedule, Casio has opted out of Baselworld for 2020 but is attending the Inhorgenta Munich trade fair, another high-profile event for watches and jewelry, in mid-February. Casio is also attending the Wearable Expo in Tokyo around the same time. We’re expecting some big announcements regarding G-Shock watches at these events, but for now, we can only speculate as to what they will be. (Update: There were no big G-Shock announcements during these events.)

The one watch that is most likely to be announced at Inhorgenta Munich is the G-Shock MRG-G2000BL-9A, as Casio announces a special edition of the MR-G, G-Shock’s top of the line model, every year. (Update: Guess not, Inhorgenta Munich didn’t turn out to be the substitute for Baselworld that we were expecting.) These luxe limited editions usually feature some sort of traditional craftsmanship based on Japanese culture. We’ll have to wait and see what makes this year’s model unique. (Update: Wow, this year’s model is not based on Japanese culture but on Bruce Lee!!!)

Casio’s presence at the Wearable Expo is in partnership with footwear and sports equipment company Asics. The two companies previously teamed up to share research data to develop software applications and fitness hardware. It’s likely that the G-SQUAD GBD-H1000 (with heart rate monitor) and GBD-100 will be announced during this event. We’re not expecting these to be the full-fledged “G-SMART” smartwatch that was previously mentioned by Casio as coming in fiscal 2020 (which could mean early 2021), but more like a big upgrade to the step-tracking, Bluetooth-connected G-SQUAD GBD-800, with a full-dot display similar to the Rangeman GPR-B1000 and more advanced running and fitness functions. (Update: The watches weren’t announced at the expo, but in late February Casio announced the G-Shock G-SQUAD GBD-H1000 with GPS and heart rate monitor for an April 2020 release.)

(Update: It looks like there were no G-Shock unveiling​s at the Wearable Expo, but a new running device developed by Casio and Asics was on display. The small device is worn on the hip to gather data to analyze the user’s running form. The device is reported to have a 9-axis motion sensor, barometer, GPS and GLONASS, and a built-in lithium-ion battery that lasts for 15 hours. The device is also IPX7 water-resistant and compatible with Bluetooth 5.0. Integration with G-Shock watches, Pro Trek Smart smartwatches, and the Apple watch is being developed. The name and price of the device have not been decided yet, and it’s not known if it will be released outside of Japan.)

Another new G-Shock model on the horizon is the GBX-100. This is a Bluetooth-connected watch that is believed to be related to the upcoming GBD-100. (Update: The GBX-100 was revealed in late February, and it is a G-LIDE model with an MIP LCD display that has an unexpected octagonal, almost square-like shape.)

Some upcoming colorways of existing models include the MTG-B1000TJ-1A and GST-B200TJ-1A. Could the “T” stand for titanium? Or does the “TJ” stand for something else? (Probably something else.)

We also know of some upcoming G-Shock S Series watches for women. These include the GMA-B800 and GMD-B800, which are presumably smaller versions of the G-SQUAD GBA-800 and GBD-800 with Step Tracker and Bluetooth mobile link.

For Pro Trek, the PRW-70 is coming, which is probably another compact analog-digital model like the PRW-60 and PRW-50 that preceded it. Could this be a smaller version of the water-oriented PRW-7000 (as the PRW-60 was to the PRW-6600), or will it just be a stylistic update like the PRW-50 was to the PRW-60?

Again, we don’t know what is going to be announced at the February events, but we’ll find out soon enough. The fact that Casio is not attending Baselworld, which takes place in late April, leads us to believe that it does have some big announcements and releases for March and April. It makes sense to launch its major releases in spring so that they are widely distributed and available by the start of summer, as G-Shock and Pro Trek are outdoor brands that sell well during that time.

Inhorgenta Munich 2020 takes place from February 14-17 and the Wearable Expo takes place from February 12-14. We’ll be sure to post the latest updates here at G-Central.

Inhorgenta Munich has begun and Casio hasn’t made any announcements. It appears that Casio is not using the event to announce new models like it used to do at Baselworld.

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