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G-Shock GM5600SN-1 U.S. Release (GM-5600SN-1ER for Europe, GM-110SN-2A and GM-5600SN-1 for Asia)

G-Shock GM5600SN-1 with Rainbow IP now available in U.S.A. (Also GM-110SN-2A, GM-5600SN-1 for Asia)

The G-Shock GM-5600SN-1 was previously thought to be a China-only model that was released with the GM-110SN-2A as part of a [email protected] collaboration known as the Shanghai Night Series. The GM5600SN-1 is now available in the U.S. at Reeds Jewelers for $260, and it is also expected to be available at gshock.com and other retailers soon. The analog-digital GM-110SN-2A is not expected to be released in the U.S.

The GM5600SN-1 features a stainless steel bezel with a rainbow IP, an inverted and pink-tinted LCD display, and a black resin band. It is designated as a limited edition, but it does not include the special [email protected] packaging or supplemental items like the China version. It does include an exclusive box and case with a city nightscape motif.

Update: The GM-110SN-2A and GM-5600SN-1 are being released throughout Asia in July. The GM-5600SN-1ER is also available in the U.K. at g-shock.co.uk and is expected to be released throughout Europe soon.

G-Shock GM-5600SN-1 (GM5600SN-1 for U.S.):


GM5600SN-1 on Amazon GM5600SN-1 at Reeds GM5600SN-1 on eBay

G-Shock GM-110SN-2A:

G-Shock GM-110SN-2A

Asia Box and Case:

G-Shock GM-110SN-2A and GM-5600SN-1 Box and Case

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