G-Shock Rangeman GPR-B1000 Video from Casio UK

Casio UK released a new video featuring the G-Shock Rangeman GPR-B1000, the world’s first solar-powered GPS survival watch. The video showcases the watch’s main features out in the field and also shows how the menu system is easy to use. The Bluetooth connection to a smartphone can be activated with a single button press. Using the G-Shock connected app on the smartphone, routes can be created using the interactive map and uploaded to the watch. The backtrack feature will allow you to find your way back to your starting point if you become lost or face adverse weather conditions. Other features shown include the Triple Sensor (with altimeter, barometer, thermometer, and compass), shock resistance (10-meter drop), 200-meter water resistance, vibration resistance, freezing temperature resistance, and mud resistance. The video ends indoors with the activity log import feature and the USB wireless charger that fully charges the watch in 5 hours.

The Rangeman GPR-B1000 is currently available in Japan and will be released in North America in April 2018.

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5 years ago

Sadly the smallest scale is 2 km or one mile. During shorter hikes you cant even see the navigation lines on the display. Many complain on WUS about it. Casio wrote that can not be changed via update. Therefore no need for such a big watch which GPS is not really useable.

3 years ago

Where is the rainbow effect coming from. Mine doesn’t have that. Please explain how there is a tint to the screen..

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