Hands-on videos of the Porter GM-B2100 and BAPE GM-6900 G-Shock collaborations, by WatchDavid

G-Shock GM-B2100VF-1A Porter, GM-6900BAPE-1 BAPE Collaborations

YouTube channel WatchDavid posted two videos with exclusive hands-on footage of the upcoming GM-B2100VF-1A and GM-6900BAPE-1 limited edition watches. (Auto-translated subtitles are available with the “CC” icon.) These G-Shock collaborations with Japanese bagmaker Porter and streetwear brand A Bathing Ape will be released worldwide in November and are expected to be some of the most highly sought-after limited editions of 2023.

The full stainless steel GM-B2100VF-1A is inspired by the colors of the original G-Shock DW-5000C-1A from 1983 and has an aged ion plated treatment on the bezel and band. Although we might have liked to see this model in titanium or fully DLC-coated, the watch certainly looks attractive with the vintage style. The aged IP treatment on black models like this one results in a more subtle look than the gold models with the vintage IP style. The gold hands and beige luminescent paint add to the upscale feel of the watch and distinguishes it from the full resin GA-2100-1A which has similar colors. The positive LCD display looks clear and contrasty, and this is the only GM-B2100 model with a non-inverted LCD display so far.

The GM-6900BAPE-1 has a black ion plated stainless steel bezel with a black resin band and also includes a camouflage cloth band. While previous BAPE collaborations have often been very colorful and loud, this model has a classic black and gold style to celebrate BAPE’s 30th Anniversary. Something that is more apparent in this video is that the camouflage outline markings on the black resin band are actually imprinted and debossed into the band and are not printed paint. This is the second GM-6900 release of the year, following the USA-only Wu-Tang Clan collaboration in February.

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