Pro Trek PRW-50: Like the PRW-60 with a new style

Casio is introducing the new Pro Trek PRW-50 series in June 2019. The PRW-50 is very much like the PRW-60 that was released in Japan and Europe, offering the same functions (Tough Solar, Multi-Band 6, Triple Sensor) as the large PRW-6100 in a smaller watch designed for climbing.

The PRW-50 is the same size (50.5 x 47.2 x 13.3 millimeters) as the PRW-60 and the features are expected to be similar if not the same. Based on a new video from Casio, it has 100-meter water resistance and full auto dual LED lights with the Neon Illuminator black light. (Full specifications have not yet been released.)

Differences from the PRW-60 include a numbered index, slimmer hands, and a textured bezel edge. The overall design appears to be a more conventional, mainstream style. Like the PRW-60, the bands are easily removable without tools using the slide levers.

In Japan, the debut Pro Trek PRW-50 models will have a price range of 54,000-64,000 JPY.

Pro Trek PRW-50Y-1AJF (MSRP 54,000 JPY): Black dial, black bezel, black Duro Soft silicone band

(Photo coming soon)

Pro Trek PRW-50Y-1BJF (MSRP 54,000 JPY): White dial, chrome bezel, black Duro Soft silicone band

Pro Trek PRW-50Y-1BJF

Pro Trek PRW-50T-7AJF (MSRP 64,000 JPY): Dark gray dial, silver bezel, titanium band

Pro Trek PRW-50T-7AJF with Titanium Band

Pro Trek PRW-50YFE-2AJR (MSRP 64,000 JPY): Navy blue dial, chrome bezel, changeable black Duro Soft silicone band and cloth band

Pro Trek PRW-50YFE-2AJR

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